Audio and Visual Recordings

BBC Audio Recordings

“And So To Bed.” Home Service. (20th August 1940). BBC recording reference T 10242.

“Bookshelf.” Radio 4. (3rd May 1981). BBC recording reference: LP 41178.

“The Brains Trust.” Home Service. (6th January 1942). BBC recording reference LP 25879.

“Dame Rebecca West.” (3rd December 1969). BBC recording reference LP 32883.

“Dame Rebecca West at 80.” Radio 4. (21st December 1972). BBC recording reference MT 34927.

“I Remember.” (11th November 1960). BBC recording reference LP 26401.

“Kaleidoscope.” Radio 4. (20th November 1974). BBC recording reference LP 36165.

“Kaleidoscope.” Radio 4. (27th October 1978). BBC recording reference MT 38600.

“Kaleidoscope.” Radio 4. (25th February 1982). BBC recording reference: LP 41010.

“The Novelist’s Voice.” Radio 4. (14th September 1976). BBC recording reference T 37283.

“Rebecca West.” (10th September 1958). BBC recording reference LP 24660.

“Rebecca West.” (8th April 1983). BBC recording reference: T 45124.

“Writers on Themselves.” Home Service. (2nd December 1963). BBC recording reference LP 28323.

British Film Institute(BFI) Film Recordings

“The Bernard Levin Interview: Dame Rebecca West” (1966).

“Contact” (22/02/1957).

“Living Writers: Rebecca West” (1971).

British Library Sound Archive Audio Recordings

“The Classic Serial. The Birds Fall Down.” Recording Call No.: H10579/5.

“Dame Rebecca West at 80.” Recording Call No.: NP2165R TRK.2

“The Novelist’s Voice” by Rebecca West (1976). Recording Call No.: B1336/2 C1

“The Soul of Yugoslavia” (1942). Recording Call No.: B1336/1.

“Speech/West” (March 17, 1975). Recording Call No.: NP6528W TR 1 C 2

“W: E.C.Carlin, boyhood friend of DHL; R: Dame Rebecca West, recollections of DHL’s early literary career” (1996). Recording Call No.: NP10711WR.

“Woman’s Hour” with Rebecca West. Recording Call No.: M468OR TR 2

Glendinning, Victoria. “Rebecca West – A Life.” (1987). Recording Call No.: B1818/1.

Morley, Sheridan. “Kaleidoscope.” (19787). Recording Call No.: B1335/2.

Murray, Jenni. “Women’s Hour.” Recording Call No.: H1665/03.

Wheeler, David. “Portrait of Dame Rebecca West.” (1983). Recording Call No.: B1335/1.

Media Owned by the West Society

Buckley Jr., William. Firing Line No 90: “Philby and Treason.” February 26, 1968. Audio CD and typed transcript owned by Rebecca West Society.

Moyers, Bill. “A Visit with Dame Rebecca West.” July 8, 1981. DVD owned by the Rebecca West Society.

Retrospective celebration of Rebecca West’s career. BBC program “Bookshelf.” Broadcast on December 6, 1981. Audio CD owned by Rebecca West Society.

West, Rebecca. “Rebecca West Reads from ‘Harriet Hume.'” British Library Sound Archive, 1929. List Recording: 9CS0006565. Product Call No.: 1CS000295. Originally a vinyl recording from 1929. Audio CD owned by Rebecca West Society.

Other Media

“A Visit with Dame Rebecca.” Interview with Bill Moyers. Athens: Peabody Collection, 1982.

Return of the Soldier. By Rebecca West. Dir. Alan Bridges. 1985.

Return of the Soldier. By Rebecca West. Dir. John Van Druten. 1928

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