Recent work in rebecca west studies, 2017-Present

Recent years have seen a steady stream of new academic work published on Dame Rebecca’s extraordinary body of work. As the list of new journal articles and book chapters below demonstrates, the sheer range of West’s oeuvre and interests lends itself to an ever-increasing number of academic approaches.

Journal Articles

Scanlon, Mara. ‘Gender Identity and Promiscuous Identification: Reading (in) Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier‘, Journal of Modern Literature, 2017, Vol.40(3), pp.66-83

Kielty, Daniel. ‘“Hands That War: In the Midlands”: Rebecca West’s Rediscovered Article on First World War Munitions Workers’, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, 2017, Vol.36(1), pp.211-217

Glover, David. ‘Rebecca West and the “Radio Traitor”: The 1351 Treason Act in 1945, The Space Between, 2017, Vol.13, p.1

Hutchison, H. ‘A bit of string: Rebecca west on Henry James’, Henry James Review, Fall 2018, Vol.39(3), pp.247-255

Brian, R. ‘ The Return of the “Spiritual Soldier”: Rebecca West’s Henry James, Henry James Review, 2018 Fal, Vol.39(3), pp.256-266

Corne, Jonah. ‘Regicide on Repeat: The Pensive Spectator of Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon‘, Criticism, 1 January 2018, Vol.60(1), pp.47-73

Spitzer, Jennifer. ‘“I find my mind meeting yours”: Rebecca West’s Telepathic Modernism’, Studies in the Novel, 2018, Vol.50(4), pp.543-562

Rosenblum, Lauren M. ‘Rebecca West and newspaper writing as modernist genre’, Feminist Modernist Studies, Jun 2019, Vol. 2(2): pp. 180-193

Mourant, Chris. ‘Rebecca West, the Forgotten Vorticist?’, Modernist Cultures, Nov 2019, Vol. 14(4) : pp. 469-497

Baehr, Peter. “Defending HUAC: Rebecca West and American Liberalism,” Times Literary Supplement, May 22, No. 6112, 2020: 14-15,

Baehr, Peter. ‘Whittaker Chambers through the Eyes of Rebecca West’, National Review, April 29, LXXII (7) 2020: 42-45,

Baehr, Peter. “Liberals on Trial: Rebecca West and Alistair Cooke,” The New Criterion, November, 2020, 29 (3): 22-27,

Kielty, Daniel. ‘”For at her touch our lives had at last fallen into a pattern”: Tactility in Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier, Feminist Modernist Studies, Nov 2020, Vol. 4 (1): 53-70.

Williams, Annabel. ‘Fantasias on National Themes: Fantasy, Space, and Imperialism in Rebecca West, Twentieth-Century Literature, Dec. 2020, Vol. 66 (4): 405-430.

Baehr, Peter. ‘The Intelligent Liberalism of Rebecca West’, New English Review, Feb. 2021:

Anson, Patrick. ‘Rebecca West’s “seamed red hand”‘, Modernist Cultures, May 2021, Vol. 16 (2): 139-163.

Baehr, Peter. ‘Rebecca West on communism’s allure for the intellectuals: An Appraisal’, Thesis Eleven, Nov. 2021: 1-18.

Williams, Annabel. ‘Modernity’s Rolling Stock: Henry James, Rebecca West, and Transatlantic Travel’, Symbiosis (2021) Vol. 25.1: 117-135.

Book Chapters

Green, Barbara. ‘ Feminist Spaces and Women’s Pages: Rebecca West and Socialist Periodicals’, in Feminist Periodicals and Daily Life
Women and Modernity in British Culture
(Palgrave, 2017)

Laing, Kathryn. ‘Am I a Vorticist?: Re-reading Rebecca West’s “Indissoluble Matrimony” and BLAST‘, in BLAST at 100: A Modernist Magazine Reconsidered (BRILL, 2017)

Fielding, Heather. “From Empathy to the Super-Cortex: Rebecca West’s Technics of the Novel”, in Novel Theory and Technology in Modernist Britain (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Laing, Kathryn. ‘‘An Outpour of Ink’: From the ‘Young Rebecca’ to ‘the most important signature of these years’, Rebecca West 1911–1920’, in Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s:
The Modernist Period
(Edinburgh University Press, 2019)

Stetz, Margaret. ‘Time and Tide Waited for Her: Rebecca West’s Journalism in the 1920s’, in Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s: The Modernist Period (Edinburgh University Press, 2019)

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